News From The Barnyard

Asher stood just inside the barnyard gate looking at me pathetically.  One of the plastic chairs that the donkeys and sheep use to scratch themselves on (and Jon and I sit on) was stuck around Asher’s neck.

He wasn’t in any danger it wasn’t tight enough to choke him, but it must have been uncomfortable.

He was very good about letting me get it off of him (it only took a moment) and after putting both chairs in the barn,  I led the sheep to the north pasture.   Soon the people from the Solar company would be coming to install our solar panels and I had to get the animals away from where the activity was happening.

That’s when I noticed that Suzy was limping enough to keep her from joining the rest of the sheep.  She did make her way into the pasture and I thought it was perfect timing really because later today Liz will be coming to shear the sheep and she can check Suzy’s hoof.

But I imagine her foot is just twisted, which happens sometimes when the sheep are running, and it will heal in a few days.

Fate has a small cut next to her eye, which I’ve been putting antibiotic ointment on, so I didn’t let her run much.  I want that cut, which keeps opening up, to heal.

The manure in the pole barn dries up quickly on these hot windy days.  I scraped it all out using the back of the rake to prepare the barn for shearing.  I’ve learned to try to keep the barn as clean as possible to keep the wool as clean as it falls off the sheep.

It’s a productive day at the farm.





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