Forgotten Space, Reclaimed


Bud enjoying the freedom of the once forbidden place.

I clipped the wire tying the chicken wire to the metal fence posts, then pulled out the posts.  I rolled up the chicken wire knowing I’ll someday be able to use it someplace else.

We decided to take down the fence I put up last year to keep the dogs from going in the space behind my studio. We had stopped mowing the area and it was filled with tall weeds and two years worth of leaves.  We fenced it off because Bud kept going into it, eating something he dug up (I think it was cat poop) and getting sick.

But a few weeks ago Zinnia jumped the fence, knocking part of it down and then Bud followed her.  I repaired it, but Zinnia just kept jumping over it and pulling it down.

So instead of putting up a better fence, I decided to take the fence down.

A big part of my decision (besides that all the cat poop seems to have vanished) was because of the giant maple just behind my studio.  It didn’t feel right to have it fenced in anymore. It’s such a beautiful tree, with a root that is perfect for sitting on.

This area had become a forgotten space and  I wanted it to be a part of the yard again.

Today I cut down the tall weeds and mulched the thick layer of leaves with the mower. I trimmed a few low hanging branches and pulled some vines that were growing up the  Maples trunk.

As I mowed I became reacquainted with Cedar tree and a type of Hydrangea that I’m not familiar with also growing there.

It feels good to have space and the trees back.   And now Zinnia, Bud and the rest of us can go back there anytime they want.



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  1. Another beautiful photograph! I think you’re giving “someone” some competition in that area.

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