Corona Kimono June 15, 2020

Jon and I have eaten at Jean’s Diner a couple of times since they opened up their outdoor dining area in the parking lot.  Eating out, which we used to take for granted has become something very special.  The diners and restaurants still aren’t open where we live, except for outdoor dining.

It’s a milestone in things getting back to normal.

The front of my Corona Kimono where I stitched my latest entry

6 thoughts on “Corona Kimono June 15, 2020

  1. Hi Maria,
    Just a note to follow up 2 previous e~mails I sent re: your housewives magnets. I sent a request to save one followed by a check for payment. I haven’t heard anything in response even though the form indicated you would respond back
    Just wanted to make sure I’m doing it correctly.

    1. Hi Keith, Haven’t recieved your email, I don’t know why. But I just got your check today and will put a magnet in the mail. Thanks so much and sorry for the trouble. I’ll send you an email too.

  2. I’ve sent a couple of emails in the past with no response. I asked for a mask when you first said you had some available. I also asked if you received the two belly dance mugs?
    When I leave a comment, you respond quickly. Since Keith said he didn’t hear back and you didn’t receive his email, perhaps you didn’t receive mine either.

    1. Oh Antoinette, you sent the mugs! Thank you so much I really love them. And no I didn’t get your email. I guess maybe I should look into it. I seem to not be getting some emails. I know I sent you an email thanking you for the fabric, I hope you got that one. I’ll send you a mask, I have your address. Thanks for writing me here.

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