I Can’t Rush Art

Zinnia sleeping on my boots in my studio

Who am I kidding, I thought, I can’t rush art.

I had given myself two hours to work this morning before Jon and I had to get ready to leave for our anniversary trip to an Inn in Vermont. But the harder I tried to pull a collage out of the mess on my studio floor the more I failed.

I scooped up the pink paint I spilled with a plastic container and put what I could back in the jar.  Then I cleaned my scissors which were stuck together with matt medium.  I washed my brushes sorted my markers and pencils and threw away all the scarps of fabric and paper that I knew I’d never be able to use.

I put all my creative mistakes from the morning in a pile on my shelf to be used another time.   Then I hung my collages, in all states or progress, on my wall.

I tried, but neither my head nor my heart was into creating this morning.  I’m too focused on going away.

2 thoughts on “I Can’t Rush Art

  1. Have you considered making Bedlam Farm Calendars. I love the photo’s you and Jon share and I would enjoy a yearly calendar to brighten my wall.

    1. We’ve looked into make Calendars Antoinette, but they’re expensive to make good ones and I don’t think it would be worth it. But thanks for asking.

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