Our Anniversary Trip

“I just finished reading the book Jon wrote about when you and he met,” Christine said to me. I was pumping gas and she was on her way to the hardware store.  She had a smile on her face, but when I think back to the time that Jon wrote Second Chance Dog about I cringe.  “Oh”, I said, “I don’t like even thinking about those days, it brings me back to those difficult times.”

And now, here we are twelve years later and even during those tough times, I had the sense that Jon and I could have a good life together. We were both so different then, but still, we each saw who the other person really was under that madness.

I always tell Jon I conjured him up because he’s just the person I used to fantasize about.

Someone who listened to me and  I could have a real conversation with. Someone who knew me sometimes even better than I knew myself.   Someone who loved me for who I am.  Someone who desired me.

And Jon is someone I easily loved back.

This man who believes in rational conversation over silence. Who is passionate about his work and understands how important it is for creative people to do their work. Jon’s curiosity and intellect and creativity are an aphrodisiac.  He always has a new idea, is considering another point of view, has another question.

We love to be together and we both need our time alone.  I have a suspicion that he’s better to me than I am to him.

Friday was our 10th wedding anniversary.  We’re usually pretty good about celebrating our anniversary, we both believe it’s something special to be marked.  But this year, because of the confusion around the coronavirus, it’s almost slipped by us.

Until  Jon and I found out that our favorite Inn in Vermont was opening up and we quickly decided to go for the night.  Then yesterday, we thought why not leave early and spend two nights there instead.

(Jon always gets excited the day before we go anywhere overnight and always wants to leave a day early.  It’s almost become a tradition, one that I really like).

So off we go.  We have someone watching the farm, so no more email or blogging from me till Thursday afternoon.  See you then!



7 thoughts on “Our Anniversary Trip

  1. I loved the part about Jon always wanting to go a day early !One time when my husband Jim and I were planning a trip to Carmel by the Sea ( our favorite getaway) , we got so excited the night before we couldn’t sleep…so we just got up at midnight and decided to drive there in the middle of the night. When we got to the downtown beach at 5 am there was a pod of dolphins frolicking in the waves and someone had left a mermaid sculpture in the sand! A magical day! Enjoy your anniversary!

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