Fanny And Lulu


I know Fanny and Lulu love this hot weather.  After all, they are Sicilian Donkeys.

Fanny is close to being all shedded out.  I brush them every day leaving piles of donkey hair on the ground for bird and anyone else who wants it to make a nest from.

As usual, Lulu still has a way to go.


8 thoughts on “Fanny And Lulu

  1. I heard a story today about a man in Spain that had been sick with Covid 19. He was not sure whether his donkey would remember him. The man petted his head and the donkey brayed it was so happy to see his owner. The owner kissed him numerous times. What a joyful reunion it was.

  2. Our 2 dogs are still shedding too. Escher is almost shed out, however Corina has been blowing so much undercoat that I think every bird in the county has some of her fluff in their nest! I’m guessing all the fluff comes from the Pyrenees in her.

    I love seeing pictures of the donkeys and sheep.

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