Men Are Housewives Too: Only 20 Coronavirus Housewife Magnets Left….

Housewife Jon

I’ve heard from more than one man that it was actually them, not their wives,  who have become the “housewives” during the Coronavirus.  And although I wouldn’t really include Jon as one of them (I’ve been doing more cooking than usual) he is in many ways more domestic than I am.

I have 20 Corona Housewife magnets still available.  Since Etsy has censured them and I can’t sell them in my shop, I’m selling them right here on my blog.

My Corona Housewife Magnets are Sold out.  5″x3 3/4″ and are $7 each including shipping. You can buy them by clicking on the button below and use paypal or a credit card.Or you can email me at [email protected] and send a check to Full Moon Fiber Art PO Box 205 Cambridge NY 12816.

7 thoughts on “Men Are Housewives Too: Only 20 Coronavirus Housewife Magnets Left….

    1. I bought him a few polo shirt that weren’t blue a few years ago. But it’s always a struggle in the beginning of the summer to get him to wear them.

  1. A man wearing an apron while standing in a kitchen and holding a broom … be still my heart! This is the biggest brightest smile I’ve ever seen on Jon’s face. It looks good on him. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yep y’all have said it for me let’s not forget the new red car !colorful socks! Blue glasses! Red shirt! Ink! Great hat! Great color in the apron! And sparkle in the eye! Marvelous Marvelous and that’s just Jon addMaria Makes for a wonderful day in the neighborhood that’s for sure!!!! I get all this from randomly picking up a book “second chance “a while back

  3. Maria, this is the sweetest. Jon looks so happy and seems to be having so much fun.
    He looks like a jolly elf all gussied up to get to work.
    How joyful and fun to see him like this in such a colorful setting.
    Thanks for sharing.

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