A Gentle Place

I spent the day working on my quilt that I’m calling “A Gentle Place”.  It’s slowly coming together.

I think I can see the influence of the collages I’ve been working on in the soft blues.  All those blues come from three of Jon’s old shirts.  And today after I cut up and sewed down the last one I knew I needed more.

I also knew Jon had more shirts on his shelf that he doesn’t wear anymore.  So when he was in his air-conditioned study working with the door closed,  I threw the old shirts in the wash then hung them on the line.

Tomorrow I’ll cut them up and hopefully be able to finish designing the quilt.

The batik wave fabric that inspired this quilt is made by Carol Conklin, and is called “Evening In A Gentle Place”.  You can see more of Carol’s work here on her blog Amity Farm Batik.   She reproduces her batiks in lots of different functional and inexpensive ways as well as selling her originals.

What “A Gentle Place” looked like at the end of the day.


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