My Monday Morning Video, A Day Late

I’m seeing, when I look back at my blog posts from yesterday, just how tough a day it was for me.

If I had forgotten, I can tell because I messed up the post about my Corona Housewife Magnets and I never published my Monday Morning Video.

What happened is I had some bad news about my mother’s health that threw me off.

My relationship with my mother is complicated and between yesterday and today,  I’m just starting to understand it a little more.  It’s not something I want to write about yet, but when I make mistakes like I did yesterday I do want to acknowledge what’s happening.   It’s actually the reason that the work I’m doing on my quilt is going so slowly.

But when times are difficult for me,  it’s my art and blogging that helps keep me grounded.

So here it is, a day late, my Monday Morning Video.


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