Minnie, Contented Cat

Minnie watched me watching her from the stone wall.  Even with only three legs, she has the stealth and quiet of a hunter.

But as I got closer I noticed that her left eye was closed.

Because we had to amputate Minnie’s hind leg after she had a fight with an animal, she can’t scratch the left side of her face.  So she often rubs it on a rough surface and her eye is usually a little red.   But this was different, so we took her to the Vet to have it looked at.

After Cassandra, the Vet Tech,  came out to get Minnie, I waited outside under a young oak tree, its branches spreading out wide making an umbrella of shade.   From what Dr. Fariello said, it doesn’t sound like this new kind of visit to the Cambridge Valley Vets is going to change anytime soon.

Minnie’s eye was infected so it was good that we brought her in.  I have some ointment to put on it three times a day. Luckily Minnie is a sweetie (to humans at least) and it will be easy to do.

Minnie is about 13 years old.   When Jon and I were just friends I went with him to get her from a litter of feral kittens that a waitress at a local restaurant had brought into her home.  I don’t think of her as being that old. She’s been through a lot but seems to be a contented cat.

The drawing I did while waiting for Minnie at the Vet.

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  1. I remember when Minnie’s leg was amputated. As you watched her slow recovery, I think I recall you and Jon wondering if you had made the right decision. What are you thinking now?

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