“Corona Kimono” June 26, 2020

I always do my thread drawings freehand. I don’t draw a line and trace it.  But I made an exception to that today when I drew the map for this entry on my Corona Kimono.  I just couldn’t draw the map of the southern states to make them look recognizable enough.

It was important to my idea that the states were readable as an image without words. So I found a map online, printed it out then cut it out.  I pinned it to the Kimono then stitched around it.

Once I put the words in, it reminded me of one of those travel postcards from the 1950’s.  I used a grid for the background like the background of a road map.  The little circles inside every other square…well…it just seemed to need them.



4 thoughts on ““Corona Kimono” June 26, 2020

  1. You are amazing at thread drawing! I’ve been trying free motion quilting and my hot pads are a tad “messy” to say the least! I sometimes forget to keep the fabric moving so things can get boogered up quick!

    Your kimono is beautiful, it is a wonderful depiction of a dark yet hopeful time in history! Someday it will hang behind glass in an art museum!

    1. Thanks Josie. Free motion sewing came very naturally to me. I’ve been doing it for so many years now, hopefully I just keep getting better.

  2. This is an amazing project/art piece! It will be worthy of hanging in some gallery or Quilt Museum when finished. I applaud your artistic sense.

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