At The Vermont Fiber Mill

Deb and Jon and my wool, at the Vermont Fiber Mill

Jon and I dropped the bags of wool on the porch and Deb arranged some chairs for us to sit on.  She handed me her book of dye colors.  We all wore masks.

I told Deb about my two new sheep and she pulled a strand of Asher’s wool out of the bag.  She ran the wool between two fingers.  “Nice, she said, “we’ll have to run this through the wash a few times, it’s very greasy.” (That means it has a lot of lanolin in it)  Then she told me it was long enough to make into roving.

I chose the colors while we all told stories about our lives during the pandemic.  The last time we saw each other it was something that was about to happen and we had no idea what to expect.

I combined all my gray wool together and will have it dyed teal, red, and orange.  I also combined all the white wool together and am leaving a third of it natural then dying the rest coral and green.  Issachar and Asher’s wool I kept natural.  I’m curious to see their true color and know what the wool feels like.

We talked with Deb longer than usual.  Even though it was the same amount of time since we last saw each other so much had changed since then.  But not thankfully not enough that we still were able to have our sheep shorn and their wool processed as always.

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    1. I have Cynthia, thanks. I have a catalog of her quilt from a while back but it was good to be reminded of them and to read more about her.

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