Barn Swallows In The Woodshed

The woodshed

First I toss the wood from the pile outside the woodshed where Gregg Burch dumps it into the woodshed.  Then I go into the woodshed and stack it.

This evening as I was inside the shed stacking wood, I heard a riot of chirping.  I looked up and directly over my head,  on one of the log roof rafters, was a swallows nest with four baby bird heads popping out of it.  I watched them till they quieted down and their little heads disappeared into the nest.

As I picked up the last of the wood, I saw the pile of bird poop which was on the ground under the nest and found half of a small white shell with black speckles on it.

Before tossing more into the shed, I waited outside.  It wasn’t long before I saw the mother Barn Swallow fly through the window above the door and, I imagine, to her nest.

I look in the barn every day where there are five Barn Swallow nests, but I haven’t seen any yet. I expect they’ll be hatching soon.

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