Emily’s Painted Fabric

Emily Gold’s fabric

Last week during our Bellydancing gathering, Emily handed me a small clear plastic bag with a twist tye holding it shut and my name on a post-it inside the bag.  Also inside was five pieces of fabric that Emily had painted.

The week before we had agreed to do a collaborative mail art collage.  One of us would start it then mail it to the other who would finish it or mail it back to the other person till it was done.

I was going to start that process and Emily said she was going to paint some fabric to give to me to do whatever I wanted with.

Emily made and gave me the fabric before I even started the collage.

As I laid out the painted fabric on my studio floor, with all those bright colors to guide me and the word “hope” I’m thinking I could make them into a wall hanging.

When Emily handed me the bag with the fabric in it she said how she realized it was just how her mother would have packaged up something to give to her.  It made the fabric feel even more special to me.

You can see more of Emily’s work on her blog papercakescissors.com.

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  1. Many years ago, I was taking an art class and we did a mail art project. I still have the art collages and I enjoy the memories. If you ever want to create some art with me, I would love to participate.

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