A Gentle Place

I finished my quilt “A Gentle Place”.  It’s already sold.  I had more people interested in buying this quilt than any other that I’ve made.

I think it may have to do with the time we are living in, how so many of us could use a peaceful place to retreat to now and again.  It’s interesting that it came out of this time.  Apparently I was craving a soothing place too.

I have to thank Carol Conklin for her part in this quilt.

She gave me the two batik printed panels with the serene waves, mountains, and night sky.  I even got the name for this quilt from Carol, her batik is called “Evening In A Gentle Place”.

The light blue fabric came from four or five of Jon’s old Chamois shirts.  The patchwork is an old quilt top. There’s also a piece of a sundress that I got twenty years ago for $1 at the Salvation Army and wore till just last year.

I’m fortunate to have more of Carol’s printed batiks.  She gave me a bunch of them as a trade for some lenses I gave to her for her iPhone.  I’m sure to be making more quilts using them.

You can see more of Carol’s work and buy her batik prints and originals on her website amityfarmbatik.com.

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  1. I too was drawn to this particular quilt! Fortunate is the person who will enjoy it in their home!

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