Corona Kimono 7/1/20

There were two things that came to mind that have been such a big part of the whole Coronavirus experience that I haven’t included in my Corona Kimono yet.

One was Governor Cuomo, who I and many other people around the country have listened to during this time.  I repeatedly heard people on both sides of the political spectrum say “I never liked Cuomo before, but I like him now.”

That’s pretty unusual these days.

Since the first time I heard one of his daily briefings, I thought they were as close as I would ever get to experiencing one of  Franklin D Roosevelts “Fireside Chats.”

I still find comfort in how rationally and honestly Cuomo relays information about the virus, whether good or bad.  As a kid, I loved the TV show Dragnet which Cuomo quotes in every briefing when he says “Just the facts”.  It was so straightforward and uncomplicated.

So I did a drawing of Cuomo (and put his name in the piece too just in case his likeness is questionable) and stitched some of the phrases he repeats in just about every briefing.  “Blame me” is another of my favorites.

The other thing that I somehow forgot to include in my Corona Kimono is toilet paper.  I already have some ideas for that Corona Kimono entry.  But more about that later.

My practice drawing of Cuomo for my Corona Kimono
My Corona Kimono so far. The back, except for the sleeves is covered in thread drawings too.



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