Working On A Collage

I searched my studio for the piece of fabric that would inspire me.  I wanted to make some potholders, but as I pulled out fabric from the shelves in my studio, it all fell flat.  It just wasn’t happening.

I finally gave up and instead of sewing, I looked at the half-finished collages that are pinned to my wall.

I took down the one that felt like it needed the most work, got out my collage materials, and began.

My focus was on the figure within the figure.  The outer being some kind of protector, a spirit or angel. But that’s all I really know about this piece.  I feel like it needs a few final touches before it’s done.

Maybe then I’ll know more about it.

Zinnia came into my studio as I was working on the collage and fell asleep with her head on one of the piles of fabric I tried to make potholders from. Her snoring was reassuring.

2 thoughts on “Working On A Collage

  1. Such fun colors on this one! I released my Painted Lady butterflies today! Have to get the video up on my blog yet. Thanks again for sharing your experience with the butterfly garden. I can’t wait to do it again next year.

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