A Bedlam Farm Garden Update

The donkeys weren’t interested in the too big Zucchini.  Even Zinnia spit it out.  So I fed it to Oscar, our new composter.

7 thoughts on “A Bedlam Farm Garden Update

  1. Your garden’s look great! Do you make zucchini bread ? I have a great recipe for it. Also a zucchini casserole that is good. This year I would like to make pickles with the zucchini, I am curious what they would taste like. It is so much fun to grow your own garden produce.

  2. Love these garden tours … I believe the flower in your “wild ” garden – is Gloriosa Daisy a perennial form of the native Black Eyed Susan- love your house potholders and the shoemaker story!

  3. So happy to see that you’re composting! We’ve composted for over 30 years whether we lived in the city with a tiny yard or on an acreage in the country. We used composters like yours, to fancy homebuilt triple bins, to simply snow fencing in a circle. Keeping it simple is fine. Mother Nature has done it for centuries. No ‘organic starter’ needed. 😉 Just a mix of greens = nitrogen, and browns = carbon. Also make sure it’s turned occasionally to add oxygen to it.

    Coffee grounds and (unbleached) filters are great but tea bags unfortunately are made with plastics! Yep, you’re drinking micro plastics if you’re using tea bags. I switched to tea leaves and Matcha to avoid the plastics.

    Another ‘green’ element in your farm life!

    1. I used to compost thrity years ago when I lived in the suburbs Hazel. And I’ve been reading up on it since. But when I moved to the country I stopped mostly becasue I didn’t want to attract anymore mice and rats to my house than we already had. We don’t drink coffee and from what I’ve read, not all tea bags contain plastics.

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