Something To See At The Farm

It’s just scraps from the woodpile I told Lulu.

I dumped the wheelbarrow full of small pieces of bark and wood, that I had raked up after stacking the firewood, into the burn pile in the barnyard.  The longer pieces went into an old garbage pail in the barn for kindling.

After that, I sat on the rocker under the apple tree took off my sneakers, and watched.

Lulu, always curious left the pile of weeds I’d tossed over the fence earlier to check out the burn pile.  Soon Fanny wandered out of the barn and joined her.

How different they eat than we do, I thought. They regularly step on their food before eating it.  I saw Fanny scratch her face on the side of a stick then nibble the bark off of it.  Lulu ate a whole chunk of wood.

Then Pumpkin emerged from the barn and headed right for the weeds that Lulu had abandoned.  Asher and Issachar followed him and Pumpkin head-butted them out of the way.  Then Lulu came back lowered her head and the sheep ran back to the barn.

None of them stayed out too long anyway.  The sun was hot and the flies were plenty.

I watched Fanny’s tail swishing flies as she walked away thinking the show was over.  But then hens strolled over and sat down in front of me, clucking and preening.

There’s always something to see at the farm.

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