Out Of The Chicken Coop

Yesterday Bud and Zinnia went after White Hen and for a moment I thought she was dead.  Jon wrote about it on his blog (you can read it here).

It was upsetting, but White Hen recovered and a couple of hours later she was walking around with Brown Hen like nothing had happened.

This morning she was a little slow getting out of the coop, but Brown Hen gave her a little encouragement and now things seem to be back to normal.

8 thoughts on “Out Of The Chicken Coop

  1. Glad to see that white hen’s ok and that life is back to normal … a rare (hopefully) case of bullying in the peaceable kingdom.

    1. Yes, hopefully she won’t come into the dog area anymore. I think Bud may have been stalking the chickens from behind the fence for a while now. And when he got his chance, he took it.

  2. I think “encouragement from brown hen” is open to interpretation. Gives a whole new meaning to peer pressure.

  3. Maria, I’m so glad White Hen is fine and you were both home and could intervene in time! My heart almost stopped when I began to read Jon’s blog. She is such a beautiful hen.

    1. We never named them because we found that chickens don’t live a long time and we didn’t want to get too attached to them. But we’ve had these two for years now. And in a way they do have name, White Hen and Brown Hen.

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