88 Rectangles, Water, Trees and Polka Dots

I went ahead and sewed on the black and white squares, inspired by Fate, that I wrote about yesterday.  Although the white squares are not really white.  They all have subtle patterns on them, most with greys, yellows, or blues.

But after sewing on the squares, I got stuck.

All I could see in the black and white squares was a Nascar flag.   I spend the late morning and early afternoon trying to figure out what to do next.  There’s a pile of fabric on my work table, some cut into squares some into strips others still whole.

All the pieces I thought might work and didn’t.

At 3:30 I went out to feed the animals.  I was thinking the break would clear my mind.  And it did.

I got the idea to look through my Gee’s Bend book for inspiration.  I honestly don’t specifically know what it was that made me see the light. But as I turned the pages, and saw some of the combinations of fabric it came to me.

What I needed was that black shirt with the big white polka dots. I pulled it off my shelf folded it lengthwise and laid it next to my quilt.  It was perfect.  So I cut it up and sewed it onto each side of the quilt.

My quilt and the Gee’s Bend book open to the page where I stopped looking and began sewing again.

Then I cut up the rest of the shirt and sewed it onto the top and bottom of the quilt.

I think I know what comes next, a soft pink strip around the polka dots.  But that will have to wait till Monday.

5 thoughts on “88 Rectangles, Water, Trees and Polka Dots

  1. Maria! I absolutely love this quilt with 88 rectangles and all the different designs! Especially the polkadots! This is beautiful! I can only enjoy it at a distance but I love seeing this! What a creation!

  2. Wow! Your borders tie everything together! I love the polka dots! This quilt just makes my being sing! Thank you for sharing you creative, soul touching work Maria, you are a gift!

  3. I LOVE this, Maria! It just *feels* right even just in a photo……and I bet it felt right to you as you were working on it. Just so balanced and beautiful! The women of Gees Bend would be proud!
    Susan M

  4. Dear Maria, Reading about your progression on this quilt has been FACINATING and very revealing of how the artist works by intuition. That your beloved dog, Fate and beloved sisters in quilting had so much to do with your design is intriguing. Thank you for sharing this!!

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