Bubba The Curious Cat

Bubba looking out my studio window.

Bubba walked around my studio like he was checking out a new home.  He sniffed every corner, looked out every window, rubbed up against every leg, and got cozy with Zinnia.

Handsome, sweet, easy and good-natured, I fell a little in love with him.

Bubba came for a visit so Jon could meet him and the women who run, Community Cats a feral cat rescue group the next town over who spay, neuter and vaccinate feral cats then let them go again.

But they also have some cats, who aren’t feral and need homes.  Bubba is one of them.

Jon put a picture of Bubba up on his blog yesterday, I think he may already have a home.  I’m not at all surprised.

You can read more about Community Cats and see pictures and videos here.  Donations are always needed and welcome.

9 thoughts on “Bubba The Curious Cat

  1. What is the title of your butterfly book again? We have milkweed on our farm to. Monarchs also like zinnias. Have you ever had compost worms? We had a program at the library on the topic, so I had to try it. Something you and Jon might enjoy.

    1. I remember you saying that your husband gave you compost worms as a gift Marsha. We don’t have any yet, but Jon’s birthday is coming up!

  2. Bubba looks to be an absolutely beautiful cat! I would grab him in a heartbeat but the logistics of getting him here would be a challenge, I’m sure. I know he will find a great forever home very quickly.

  3. Maria, What a darling boy !!!!!!!!!!!! He BUBBA must’ve had a loving home at some point. Not afraid of you, Jon, Zinnia, Bud or Fate and not trying to claw his way out of your studio. I have e-mailed the cat group to contribute a donation. Thank you and Jon so much for bringing to our attention.

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