Meaningful Protest

I’m not wondering anymore if it was meaningful to take part in the Black Lives Matter protest yesterday.  I know it was.  Mostly because I can feel it.  It felt good to do, good to be a part of.

There were over 100 people lining the sidewalk on the corner of Main Street and Route 22, which I found impressive.    All holding signs, mostly white people but not all, from babies being held by their mothers to white-haired couples who looked like they protested in the 1960s or looked like they didn’t.

I was surprised to see the local police as well as State Troopers there.  And for a while, a drone hovered overhead.

I stood next to Connie who owns Battenkill Books, and when two guys one wearing a Confederate flag bandana started yelling “All lives matter”, we all chanted “Black Lives Matter” louder,  drowning them out.

That felt pretty good.

A few people gave us “the finger” as they drove by, but most people either ignored us or honked their horns in support.

I feel connected to our little town and was glad to see it represented in this way.  Glad to see I’m among so many people who believe Black Lives Matter is a just cause.  I don’t think this would have happened even just a few months ago.

And I do feel like we were doing something important.

All those people driving by (there was a lot more traffic on a Sunday night than I would have imagined) who either looked at us or tried to ignore us, maybe we made them think a little or even feel something they hadn’t before.

There is power in coming together in the way we did.  And knowing that our small protest is a part of something bigger makes it even more meaningful.   As each individual voice counts, all the individual protests, no matter how small, is greater than the whole.

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  1. Thank you for participating. Though small in numbers you are powerful in spirit and an example to the rest of the country that small can definitely be powerful.

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