Mail Art Collage At The Farmer’s Market

Emily at the Farmers Market

Jon and I have gotten into the habit of going to the Bennington Farmers Market on Saturday mornings and buying pastries, granola and sometimes art from Emily. (I have one of her vegetable collages hanging in the kitchen)

She’s had her business Paper Cake Scissors, for about the same amount of time that I’ve had mine.  Her regular customers often buy out her scones and danish by the time we get there, but yesterday we were there early enough to get both.

Emily also had the mail art collage we collaborated on.  She added some cool blues to my warm oranges and gave definition to my textures with some hard-edged shapes.  (you can see the collage to the left of the plate of pastries).

It was Emily’s idea to sell the collage and donate the money to a good cause.

Since Emily is seriously considering adopting a  cat from Salem’s Community Cats, the organization that spay, neuters and vaccinates feral cats, then releases them,  I thought they would be a good organiztion for the two of us to support.

I’ll put the collage up for sale on my blog tomorrow.

Some of Emily’s animal collages for sale. I love Fluffy, on his way to dinner.  You can see them all and buy them on her website papercakescissors.  Just click here. 


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