Suzy’s Shawl, “Like Foam From The Sea”

Suzy’s Shawl

All spring and summer Suzy Fatzinger has been spinning yarn, mostly made from her angora goats, and knitting shawls.

Each one has its own unique pattern and color combinations.  And Suzy told me that this one has hints of colors throughout the brown edge.

I can’t say that the thought of knitting in this heat is appealing but when Suzy sent me this photo of her latest shawl, I found it so elegant I actually imagined what it might feel like hanging off my shoulders.

I thought of the line from the Suzanne Vega song  “All dressed in lace like foam from the sea.”

I know that Suzy usually vacations in Cape Cod. She’s sent me photos of her knitting gloves on the beach. But I don’t know if she got there this year with the pandemic going on.

I would guess that the ocean was an influence when she was making this shawl though.

Once again I’ll be selling Suzys Shawls on my blog this fall.  But if have a good enough imagination to remember a time when you might actually  be chilly enough to wear a shawl and you’re interested in this one. Just let me know.

2 thoughts on “Suzy’s Shawl, “Like Foam From The Sea”

  1. Hi, Maria! I am interested in this shawl. How much is it and I will purchase it in the morning. I will await your reply. Thanks! Have a peaceful evening! 🙂

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