Phoenix Rising

Yesterday I got a box in the mail of fabric from Joyce.  It was full of treasures, batik dresses and panels as well as yards of different kinds of fabric.

When I saw what looked to me like a Phoenix Rising on a dress, it called to me. I love her beak, wide open, making herself heard.

I placed the bird on my studio floor and wandered around trying to find what came next.  And once again it was one of Carol Conklin’s batiks that was the perfect fit in color, size, and subject matter.

Below is what I have so far.  But I know what I’m going to do next.  I also know I won’t have time to get that part of it done today.  In a little while, I’m going to Bellydancing.  So I’ll leave it for tomorrow. I’m already looking forward to getting back to it.

5 thoughts on “Phoenix Rising

  1. Gorgeous fabrics. Is it too fussy to cut the top two pieces into smaller squares and alternate the pattern? This from a person who has an unfinished quilt that’s been stuffed in bag in her closet for the past twenty years!

    1. I got even more fussy than that Donna. You can see a photo of what I did on my blog today. That Phoenix needed more space above it, not to be held down. Since there is an infinite way of putting fabric together to make a quilt, at some point I just have to make a decision. Usually I trust what I do, that’s part of my process, but sometimes after I’ve sewn something down, It doesn’t work and I can see what will. That’s the only time I change something. Mostly I just make what I’ve done already work. That’s part of the challenge for me.

  2. Maria this has to be one of the best you’ve done. At least to me. I love all your work but this speaks, shouts out to my soul and spirit rise up and be free, be born anew into the universe. Thank you so much for sharing yourself and your art.

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