Pumpkin’s Good Morning

Pumpkin has been coming out of the pole barn and hanging around the donkeys more lately.  He stands at the gate with his whispering baa, waiting for me to toss a green apple that has fallen from the tree to him.

Pumpkin was shy since the moment he was born.  Actually Jon had to help pull him out of his mom Socks.  But he’s suddenly become more outgoing.  I’m not sure why, but it’s nice to see.

6 thoughts on “Pumpkin’s Good Morning

  1. That is so sweet. Anytime someone, or something, who was shy and comes “out of their shell,” it is great to see!Kind of like a flower opening up. Good for Pumpkin.

  2. Maria you are talented and creative in so many ways – but I love your sheep portraits best of all.

    1. I do enjoy taking their portraits Peg. I usually focus on the sheep who is paying attention to me. That way there’s already some communication going between us. I hope that comes through in the photo.

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