Letting Phoenix Rise


looking at the Phoenix last night before leaving my studio, I felt like it needed more space above it.  I didn’t want to close it in.   I also wanted to bring some of the orange into that space.  So I cut up some triangles of orange and cut up the blue and white batik and added two more fabrics then pieced them all together.

Now, to me, the area above the Phoenix is less of a ceiling and more like an open space.

I added the sides, but then got stuck.

So after taking care of the animals, I went for a swim in the Battenkill.  The day started out cool, but by mid-afternoon it was hot a muggy.  I had the swimming hole to myself. Maybe it was too late in the day or people stayed home because the sun didn’t come out.

The water was moving quickly and cold from last night’s rain.   Being alone, I lingered in the river longer than usual waiting till I actually got a chill.

I drove home with the windows open hoping the chill would last a while longer.  I was also hoping the change of scernery help me know what to do next on the quilt.  So far it hasn’t.

Maybe in the morning.

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