Blue, Always An Artist

Blue with one of her paintings

“I’m old”, I texted Blue, “I don’t know what that means”.

I tried to google the letters in Blue’s text message and did learn that XD is similar to lol.  But the rest I couldn’t decipher. Blue was good enough to translate.

I was surprised and delighted to get Blue’s text and then talk to her on the phone.

I met Blue last summer in Sue Silverstein’s art room at Bishop Maginn HighSchool.  Except for this year, Sue always keeps her art room open in the summer so kids who don’t have a place to go can spend time there.  Blue and her friends Asher and Issachar (who my sheep are named after) were always there drawing and painting.

Jon sold many of  Blue’s paintings on his blog that summer.  Now, Blue wants to sell her own paintings. So she’s setting up an Etsy Shop.

She wants to help her mother with the bills and would eventually like to get her own apartment.  I thought it was great that she got in touch with me and was glad to be able to help her with some of the questions she had.

When she texted me that it was scary to put her art up for sale, I commiserated.  I’ve been there.   But I also told her not to let that stop her.  By the time she got my text, she was already listing her fifth painting on Etsy.

Blue still has some work to do before her Etsy Shop goes live.  But when it does I’ll be writing about it here and posting a link to her shop.

I’ve heard that Blue is going to nursing school in the fall.  Many of the refugee kids from Bishop Maginn go into nursing.  There are always jobs and they pay well.  Honestly, though, I can’t imagine Blue being a nurse.

But I do know that whatever she does to earn a living, she’ll always be an artist.

2 thoughts on “Blue, Always An Artist

  1. Maria, i would love to buy one of Blues painting, but I fear I wouldn’t be able to afford it. Blue is such a great artist. Maybe some day she will make cards and magnets of her art, that I could afford!

    1. I’m not sure how much she’s selling her art for Christine, but I’ll be sure to let everyone know when she opens her Etsy Shop.

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