“I Belong To Me”, Magnet For Sale

My new magnet,  I Belong To Me for sale in my Etsy Shop. 

I belong to me.  When I first wrote those words, in the outline of one of the self-portraits in my college, I found it liberating.  I still do.  And I love to see those words, a reminder of that truth, on my new magnet.

When I wrote about making that collage I said how I had found this new spaciousness inside of me.  That I was no longer afraid of the lonely, empty feeling that I had pushed away and run from for most of my life.

And in that space that was left, I asked the question, Who do I belong to?  My parents? my family? my husband? my society? my god?

And the answer came back, I belong to me. 

I took a detail from the collage and added those words that have so much meaning to create this magnet.

My magnet, I Belong To Me, is 3″ x 2 1/4″ and is $5 + $1 shipping.  You can buy it here, in my Etsy Shop.

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