Kim, Sweet Face

Kim probably has the sweetest face of any of my sheep.  She’s always been skittish around me and other people, but she has learned to come a little closer since I started giving the animals the skins from our pineapples.

Food usually works in bringing animals closer to humans. But it’s a long time coming with Kim.  I don’t know that she’ll ever let me scratch her back like I can with Suzy, Liam and the twins, but I’ll leave that up to her.

She does let me get close enough to take her picture.

5 thoughts on “Kim, Sweet Face

  1. Kim is the one with really pretty wool, right? I’ve always thought she was especially pretty too. I just love the sheep!

  2. I’ve always thought she had the sweetest face. And I love her coat; it doesn’t seem as tight as the other sheeps’s coats.
    If she comes this close now, I suspect she will get even closer over time. Who knows. A scratch on the back may seem appealing sometime down the road.

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