Corona Kimono, July 27, 2020

Working on my Corona Kimono

I did my first thread drawing on the sleeve of my Corona Kimono.  I had to remove some of the stitches in the sleeve so it could fit  it on my sewing machine.  I’ll sew it back up when I’m done.

On the body of the Kimono, I slipped cotton batting between the outside of the Kimono and the lining.  Especially with the fine fabric that the Kimono is made from, there needed to be batting or interfacing to free motion sew on it.  Otherwise, the fabric pulls and stretches.

I like the way the batting works on the body of the kimono.  The extra thickness adds a depth to the thread drawings.  But I wanted to keep the drape of the sleeves.

So instead of batting, I’m using an interfacing that dissolves with water.  When I finish the drawing, I just spray it with some water and only the stitches will remain.

I did the drawing for this Corona Kimono drawing last week.  Today I stitched it onto the Kimono.

It’s from the photo of the woman who came to be known as Naked Athena after she sat naked in front of the troops’ Trump sent to the Portland Protests.

As I wrote last week, I thought she resembled Sheela na gig, more than Athena, but that she was a goddess in her own right.

Now Naked Athena, who calls herself “Jen” has spoken for herself.

She said, ” I’m a sex worker. My nakedness is political and it is my expression.”   “Other than my feminine response of wanting to show them what my version of vulnerability looks like my message was, ‘We’re all out here, these protesters, [and] the only thing we have in common is we have masks on and we’re out here at night.”

Jen wore only a mask and hat,” because it was cold,” that night.

The front of my Corona Kimono

5 thoughts on “Corona Kimono, July 27, 2020

  1. Is that true? About Jen I mean.
    She looks great on the Corona Kimono.
    You are a true artist activist. Bravo.

    1. I checked several sources Jane and they all said the same thing. Some more reputable than others. So yes, I’d say it’s true.

  2. please, please make this a magnet…… but I think you will have to sell on your website…. don’t think Etsy would appreciate – LOL

    1. That’s interesting Kim, Jon said it would make a good magnet, but I wasn’t sure, Maybe it will now that you’re asking too.

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