Dinner With Minnie and The Hens

Although Minnie had her dinner and the hens had some leftover rice, the hens kept trying to sneak over to Minnie’s bowl to eat her food.  But I kept an eye on them, shooing the hens away till Minnie was done.

White Hen is molting.  There are feathers all over the farm.  She’s stopped laying eggs, which usually happens because the hen needs to use her energy to grow her feathers back.

Chickens molt as the days start to get shorter.  They’re growing a new coat of feathers for the winter, replacing the old worn-out ones.

I’ve read that molting can take months but from what I  remember our hens don’t take so long.  I’m going to pay more attention to it this year and see just how long.

The hens will look pretty ratty as they molt.  They lose a lot of feathers before they grow them back.  For now, White Hen is still looking good.


One thought on “Dinner With Minnie and The Hens

  1. These are some well-fed, happy looking girls! I love them all, Minnie guarding her food and the ever “industrious” hens strutting around just waiting for opportunity! (⁎˃ᆺ˂) (ꀹʚ ꀹ)

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