Finishing Phoenix Rising

I was sewing together the last pieces of my Phoenix Rising quilt when I got Jon’s text… Dinner in 12 mins.  I really thought I’d finish desiging the quilt today, but the pizza was in the oven and sure, I was hungry.

I thought about finishing it after dinner, but I still had to blog and it was getting late. So this is where I left it, so close to being done. It’s like finishing a good book, I don’t want to rush it even if I know what’s going to happen next.


2 thoughts on “Finishing Phoenix Rising

  1. gorgeous … I love how this one evolved. The first couple of pictures I didn’t like the composition, then as you began to layer it, it began to spread it’s wings like the Phoenix over me. Now I think it is one of my favorite quilts I have seen of yours.
    A good reminder that the way something starts out is not an indication of how it ends. Kinda is making me reflect on all the lessons I have been walking through with COVID-19, it is messy, uncomfortable, scary but as I am more & more settling into a new normal, I am just beginning to see all the blessings & growth – to see how personally & nationally we are rising like a Phoenix.
    wow that got deep. It is amazing how art brings out such emotions.

    1. Wow Kim, you took my quilt to a place I hadn’t, but I like it. I never know what is going on in my subconscious when I make a piece of art but it usually reveals itself when I’m done. I had a hard time with this quilt. Like you said, I needed to have that Phoenix fly and not crowd it. I feel like it’s is now. Thanks for your thoughts. I love hearing about your personal journey through the pandemic.

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