The Marsh At Bedlam Farm

Cattail grow in nearly all types of wetlands, where there is adequate sun, plentiful nutrients, and soggy ground. Midway between land and water, freshwater marshes are among the most highly productive ecosystems on earth, rivaling the tropical rainforest. People valued the supermarket of the swamp for the cattails, but also as a rich source of fish and game. Fish spawn; frogs and salamanders abound. Waterfowl nest here in the safety of the dense sward, and migratory birds seek out cattail marshes for sanctuary on their journeys.”  “Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

When we first moved the farm I liked how the marsh protected it on two sides. But I worried that we’d be plagued by mosquitos.

That has not happened.

Instead, the marsh has brought a diversity of life to my attention that I was never aware of before. The cattail, flowers, grasses and birds are the most obvious.   But the frogs, fish, and insects are just as plentiful.  And like the vegetation, they vary with the seasons.

I don’t just see them, I hear and smell them too.  And I know that I’m only experiencing a small fraction of what’s there.

The marsh is a world so much bigger than me.

Sometimes I wish I belonged to it.  That I was an integral part of in its existence.  I could be the resourceful Cattail, noble Heron, or fragrant wildflower. But the thought of all that rich soil swirling around the roots of the grasses is also appealing.

I imagine being a part of the marsh must be like playing in an orchestra.  Each musician dependent on the other to create such living beauty.

I know the marsh isn’t mine, and its existence depends not only on the small part that lies within the boundaries of the farm but in the surrounding land. Still, I feel protective of it, as if it were another being, like the donkeys or sheep, who live on the farm.




9 thoughts on “The Marsh At Bedlam Farm

  1. Maria, you are the conductor of your marsh orchestras. Your music swells so we hear the melodies. Only your eyes and ears hear the varied notes. Keep listening. Keep listening. Veronica

  2. The beauty and serenity of the marsh are really something to behold.
    I don’t think even the greatest of poets could do it justice.
    The colors are magnificent and you could almost hear a soft wind blowing.
    One can even see movement if the photo. Are there crickets there too?

    1. I think it is crickets this time of year Jane. They are out early in the day. I’m glad you could see the serenity of the marsh, the fog softened it visually and I think helped bring out that quaility of it even more.

  3. mmmm…so lovely.☺️
    What are you shooting with these days…iPhone 11 pro?
    Xo, Wendy Pine
    Chico CA

    1. Yes, Wendy it’s the iphone 11 pro. I miss my special lenses I had with my Iphone 8 but this camera has other features and I think is generally a better camera.

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