Issachar’s Portrait

Although the twins, Asher and Issachar, both still follow me around like puppies, Issachar has always been a bit more brazen.   And it seems to me like they are both still growing.

There is a maturity in Issachar’s face that I feel I can see in this photo.

His face and body have both filled out.  His stomach used to bulge out on either side of him, now he’s more in proportion. And he has the look of a young man who is full of himself but is also kind.

Issachar has no problem getting close to me. Actually often he’s too close, trying to eat my hair or clothes.  And when I hold up my iphone to take his picture, he tries to eat that too.  So it isn’t so easy to get a portrait of him

I’m not sure why he kept still for this photo, but to me, he looks like he’s posing. Like he knew I was taking his picture and wanted it to be a good one.



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