I Am Not A Ghost

I pulled a piece of cardboard from behind my desk and put it on my studio floor.  I took out my collage materials and chose one of the collages I started a while back.

I don’t know how long I worked on it, but time seemed to go quickly.  Finally, I cut two of the figures out of the collage pulled most of what I had glued on top of the girl off, and drew her a pair of legs.

I placed her and the sheep on a piece of old quilt backing and took one of the appliques from the front of the quilt and hung it in the corner like a sun.

The girl and sheep made of canvas.  I haven’t attached them to the quilt yet, I’m not sure how I will, but I’ll figure it out.

As I placed each piece of fabric down on the quilt back, as I drew the legs and boots, I knew it was right. I knew it was saying exactly what I wanted it to.

I know the title too, it’s called “I Am Not A Ghost.”

8 thoughts on “I Am Not A Ghost

  1. I was moved to tears when I saw this collage. So powerful, so simple, so beautiful. The only change I made in my own mind was adding one word to the title. “I am not a ghost, dammit!”

    1. I love to hear that you were so moved by it Renate. I was surprised when I made it how powerful it felt to me.I’ve come to trust that feeling. Thank you.

  2. Just wanted to leave a note re how much I enjoy your posts. You have encouraged me to stretch my creative muscles a bit. You have taught me that I can start a project without knowing where it’s going. Just jump in! Thanks for that.

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