Working On “I’m Not A Ghost”

Working on  “I’m not a Ghost”

I woke up imagining the different ways of attaching the canvas-backed collage pieces to the old quilt back in the fabric painting I started yesterday.

I looked into some fabric glues, but I have this thing about edges and the way things connect to each other.

I wanted the pieces to be more a part of, more integrated with the backing.

So I did some experimenting with sewing the canvas onto the quilt.  I didn’t think a needle would easily pass through some of the thicker layers of paper, paint, glue and matte medium, I did bend two needles, but I was surprised that I was able to push them through it all on a scrap from the original collage.

Practicing sewing down scraps from the collage.

I was happy with the way the stitches looked and how the fabric around it seemed to embrace the canvas collage.  I also like the idea that I’m keeping in the tradition of the quilt itself.  The front of the quilt has quarter circles (the “sun” in this piece, not pictured here, is one of them) appliqued to it.

Once I decided I would stitch the canvas collages down and what kind of stitch to use, I attached the small square of fabric with the boots drawn on them to the quilt back with matte medium.  Then I started sewing.

I got the sheep completely sewn down then started on the girl.  I won’t get to finish her tonight.  I’ll be leaving for Bellydancing in a little while.  But the stitch I’m using around the edge of her is just right so it will be fun to get back to working on it tomorrow.




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