My “Naked Athena” Magnets For Sale In My Etsy Shop

My Naked Athena Magnet for sale in my Etsy Shop.

You don’t have to take it from me, you can hear Jen, aka Naked Athena speak for herself on the podcast Unrefined Sophisticates.

I found Jen’s protest to be creative, personal, and effective.

So I stitched the drawing from the photo that went viral of Jen on my Corona Kimono.    I loved how she found expression in her body to protest the Homeland Security Troops who showed up at the Portland Black Lives Matter Protests.

Although I see more of the goddess Sheila na gig in this image than the goddess Athena.

Sheelia na gig still sits carved on Christian Churches throughout Europe baffling people, and making them think, just as Jen did when she showed the heavily armed troops her “version of what vulnerability looks like”…her “version of power“.

“My nakedness is political and it is my expression. She said about her protest.

My Naked Athena Magnets are 3″x4″ and are for sale in my Etsy Shop.   You can buy them here. They’re $6 each + $1 shipping for one or more. I’ll be donating $2 from the sale of each magnet to Black Lives Matter. 

You can read about how I created the image for this magnet here.

You can see my thread drawing of Naked Athena on the left sleeve of my Corona Kimono. 

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