Thirty Second Meditation

“Let’s go to church this morning,” I said to a stunned Jon as we lay in bed.  He responded that he’s never thought he’d hear me say that.

I woke up thinking of the ocean, wanting to be sitting in the sand watching and hearing the waves.  Feeling a need for the endless horizon.

I stopped going to church when I became aware that it didn’t fulfill me in any way. But I imagine that what I feel in nature is close to what many people feel when they go to worship, no matter the religion.

Since the closest ocean is four hours away and the woods are in my backyard, I took a walk this morning instead. And I found my own little miracle, a dead leaf spinning on a spider’s silk to an invisible wind.

2 thoughts on “Thirty Second Meditation

  1. Maria, Your writing has always been deep and I feel a kinship with you when reading your posts. Lately, though, your writing is expressing your heart and spirit to even more deeper levels and I can see your beauty through your words. Thank you. Janet

    1. That’s interesting to hear Janet, I do wonder if and how the changes I’m going through are evident in my art and now my writing too.

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