Blue’s New Etsy Shop: “BluesArts”

Blue with one of her paintings.  You can see more of her work and buy it here. 

“It’s called BluesArts”, Blue texted me yesterday and sent me a link to her new Etsy Shop.  She didn’t ask for my opinion, but I gave her some suggestions anyway.  “I will try to fix it right now,” she texted back.

And she did.

I met Blue last summer in Sue Silverstein’s art room at Bishop Maginn High School.  Sue keeps the art room open every summer (except this summer) so students who have no place to go or who want to come to draw and paint can.

Blue was there five days a week, often sitting with her friends Issachar and Asher (who I named my sheep after).  It was easy for me to get to know Blue.  Being artists, we spoke the same language.  Then Jon started selling some of her paintings on his blog and eventually, we talked to Blue about getting her own Etsy Shop.

Now Blue has graduated from High School and this summer she’s been working on some new paintings and figuring out how to sell them on Etsy.

I was glad to hear from Blue again when she texted me a couple of weeks ago with some questions about opening her Etsy Shop. She had to overcome several obstacles, like getting a bank card and taking the leap to trust Etsy with her money.

Several times as we texted yesterday Blue told me that she was scared.  What artist isn’t scared of selling their work for the first time.  “That’s normal” I texted back” I was scared when I first started selling my art.  But you’re doing it anyway, that’s what matters” 

Blue has a dark side as most artists do.  And it sometimes comes out in her art.  But mostly she keeps her darker art hidden in her sketchbook.  It’s not what she wants to put out into the world.

Blue told me that it makes her happy to draw pretty girls and she wants to pass that happiness on.

Blue mostly paints in the Anime style which dates back to the early 1900s in Japan. But she sometimes surprises me like she did with her painting called Jesus (you can see it here).   She’s is selling both digital downloads and original paintings on paper and board.

Blue is an extremely talented artist.  I was thrilled to hear that she was still painting and now selling her art.  I know that Blue’s art is a big part of her life. As with many artists, it has helped get her through some difficult times and I have no doubt it will continue to. Now she’s hoping to get her own apartment and still give some financial support to her mom.

I believe in Blue, so I’m happy to help her out if I can.

You can see all of Blue’s art for sale here in her new Etsy Shop BluesArts.

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