Zinnia Under My Desk

I was standing next to my sewing machine at my work table when suddenly my machine was sewing by itself. At first I  thought there was something wrong with it, then I saw that Zinnia was under my desk, her big head resting on my foot pedal.

I don’t know how she did it.  Zinnia is not the most graceful dog, yet somehow she kept surprising me by sneaking under my desk while I was working.

When sewing, I’m constantly moving from my work table to my sewing machine which are right next to each other. But I only knew Zinnia was there when I put my foot on the foot pedal and felt soft fur or a wet nose.

All morning Zinnia went back and forth from playing outside with Bud to laying under my desk.  Soon Jon will be back home and she’ll be laying under his desk instead.


2 thoughts on “Zinnia Under My Desk

  1. Thanks for the laugh!

    I live with house rabbits so my first thought was that Zinnia had chewed a cord. Using the foot pedal as a resting spot is much cuter.

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