“I’m Not A Ghost” Postcard

I just put my latest fabric painting, “I’m Not A Ghost” in the mail to its new owner.  But before I did, I sent a photo of it to Sara Kelly and asked her to design a postcard of it.  She got back to me with the image above.

I got a little choked up when I saw it, the typeface and colors just right.

I immediately sent it to Brad our local printer along with my collage image “I belong to me”, which Sara also helped me size and make some changes on the lettering so it too could be made into a 4×6 postcard.

Both Sara’s and Brad’s businesses have suffered during the Corona Virus.  Sara had been doing more painting, and during the lockdown Brad took care of his kids while his wife, who is an essential worker, kept working.  I feel even more fortunate to have them than ever.

I’ll be selling both postcards in my Etsy Shop when I get them.

2 thoughts on ““I’m Not A Ghost” Postcard

  1. This is soooo great. It smacks of creativity.
    I love the colors and how they define the shapes.
    How much will the post cards be? Of course if the post office is shut down it will be difficult to mail them. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen,
    Thanks Maria. Your talent is blossoming in so many directions it is hard to keep up with you.

    1. I’m thinking of selling them two ways Jane, In a pack of six with three different cards, two of each or a pack of six. Like the rest of my post cards they’ll be a pack of six for $12 including shipping. Thanks for your good words!

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