Corona Kimono 8/17/20

My Corona Kimono drawing for today.

I had so many ideas for my Corona Kimono, I didn’t know which to choose for today.  But when I listened to the news this morning, the end of the Moratorium on Evictions hit me the hardest because of the immediate impact it will have on so many people as well as the long term implications.

I placed this entry to my Corona Kimono above Naked Athena on the sleeve of the Kimono.

It’s hard to position the sleeve under my sewing machine to do my tread drawing.  I have to be careful not to sew the pieces of the Kimono together (which I only did once with this drawing, but have done many times before).

I heard today that there can be as many as 40 million evictions.  So I used those words and Moratorium on Evictions Ends with today’s date as the background.

You can find today’s drawing on the left sleeve of the Kimono.

There’s not too much space left on my Corona Kimono.  I still have the backs of the sleeve to do but otherwise, the back of the Kimono is covered. I’ll keep working on it till it’s all filled up.

I still have five Naked Athena Magnets available in my Etsy Shop.  They’re $6 each plus $1 shipping for one or more. $2 from the sale of each Naked Athena Magnet will be donated to Black Lives Matter.  You can see them and buy them here. 



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