“Rabbit Of Imagination” By Blue

Rabbit Of Imagination By Blue

I updated my Etsy Shop, Blue texted me.  So I went to look at the new paintings she had for sale.

Earlier we talked on the phone and I told Blue my story.  How it’s taken me ten years to build my business to what it is now.  And how I started it in 2008, the year of the recession when so many people didn’t have extra money to spend.

“Very much like now,” I said.  “When people weren’t buying my quilts, I started making potholders.  Something small that was affordable.”   Blue agreed it probably wasn’t the best time to start selling her paintings.

But she’s also determined and took my advice to offer some smaller paintings that were less expensive.

Her small painting, Rabbit of Imagination caught my eye right away.

Quirky and beautifully rendered, I also loved the title.  It made me think that if  “imagination” were a being, this is what she would look like.   She’s like a character from a kid’s novel with a great story behind her.

Click here to see more of Blues paintings in her Etsy Shop, BluesArts. 

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