Unfinished Drawings

Five people at a time.

I sit for one hour, which feels like five minutes, moving pebbles back and forth on the milk crate that holds my bottle of water.  One pebble for each person who enters the Co-op.  One pebble for each person who leaves.

Five pebbles, five people.

In between, I talk to whoever might be in line waiting for someone to come out of the building.  When there’s no one waiting, I draw.

I never seem to get to finish the drawings I start at the Co-op or even the ones I start when talking on the phone to a friend.  So this sketchbook will be filled with half-finished drawings.

Another diary, of sorts, of the Corona  Virus.

2 thoughts on “Unfinished Drawings

  1. Love the abstract drawings. I thought a previous one you did, which featured a lady, looked like a mermaid, and this time one of those amazing large moths featured in the fabric from the quilt you’re working on has found it’s way into another form of your artwork. Nice to think alongside the Kimono, you also have ‘The Coop Doodle Diaries’

    1. I like that Hannah. I have actually been keep track of them more than usual. It’s a good idea to give them a name. And yes, you saw the moth from the fabric. I keep thinking of them and their meaning….

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