Corona Kimono 8/24/20

I dropped Jon off at Saratoga Hospital, watched him walk in, and drove away.

He is having a Cardiac Catheterization.  It’s a common outpatient procedure, where it will be determined if he needs a stent placed in a vein to open it up and help pump blood to his heart.

He’s had this procedure before, about four years ago.  That time I was with him, drawing my sketch pad in the hospital waiting room.  That time Jon needed Open Heart surgery and I followed the ambulance that took him to Albany Med about an hour away.

This time there’s little chance he will need anything other than a stent and I’ll pick him up in five to six hours right where I dropped him off.  He’ll be hungry since he hasn’t eaten all day, so I’ll bring him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some water.  We already have plans to get ice cream on the way home.

It was strange not being able to go with him into the hospital.  Normally I’d spend the day with him as much as I could, waiting with him between tests and procedures, drawing in my sketchpad in the waiting room when I couldn’t be with him.

Of course, I can’t help but think of all the people who have and still will die in hospitals without the people they love around them, because of the Corona Virus.   I think of the people who can’t be with them.

I am getting a tiny taste of what that might have felt like.

So although I sit here wondering how Jon is doing at this moment and the next, I am truly grateful that he is at a very good hospital, getting healthier as stitched the images and words on my Corona Kimono and as I write this.

You can see my Corona Kimono entry with Jon waving goodby at the hospital on the upper right shoulder of the kimono.


5 thoughts on “Corona Kimono 8/24/20

  1. Bless you both Maria. I have kept you both in my thoughts and prayers. I have been down this road like you many times and I understand how you feel not being able to be close by. That would be difficult. Even though Jon is going through the procedure, you are to, at least that is how I have felt.

  2. I understand, my son is having surgery on Friday in Oregon. I can’t fly out to be with him because I would have to quarantine once I get there. I haven’t seen my Paul since December, I want to be with him, just to know he will be okay. The pandemic has changed so much of how things happen. We will be okay.

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