Jon’s Surgery Went Well

Jon’s surgeon called me at 12 noon, letting me know that everything went well.

But they were concerned about the incision site getting infected so he was going to have to stay the night.  The surgeon put a stent in one blocked artery and said Jon might need another one.  He would know more when he reviewed the tests and images they got today.

I was thrilled that the surgery was over and Jon was fine, disappointed that he might need another surgery and sad that I couldn’t pick him up and bring him home.

I spent the next three hours working on the backing of my quilt and waiting for Jon to call me.

It strangely took that long to sew together even though it was just four or five pieces of fabric.  I think when things like this happen, time is altered.

Once I got to talk to Jon, to hear his voice, the day slipped back a notch towards normal.

I knew he was doing okay when he started talking about trying to blog from his iPhone. I think I convinced him to try and rest instead.

I expect to pick Jon up tomorrow morning.

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21 thoughts on “Jon’s Surgery Went Well

  1. So glad that things are looking good for you and Mr. Jon.

    I must say that this picture is a classic. Very frame worthy!

    Hope you all have a peaceful, restful, night!

  2. Maria, it’s good of you to put the notice on your site about Jon, I have been thinking of him today, thinking too, of all that he is missing politically, you’ll have to reign him in when he gets home.

    I love the tableau of your chickens and cats. That in itself is a lovely picture. Getting chickens to stand still long enough to photograph them isn’t always easy.
    All the best, and happy quilting,
    Sandy Proudfoot in Ontario, Canada

  3. Hi Maria – glad things went well for Jon (and you) – thanks for updating The Bedlam Farm team …
    love the picture you posted tonight … it tells an amazing story …
    take care, Sue V

  4. Grateful to read the good news of Jon’s successful surgery. Here’s hoping that you will BOTH get a restful night’s sleep!
    Sending love to all on Bedlam Farm…

  5. So good to hear that all is well. Hoping you both can still have a restful nights sleep knowing that Jon will come home tomorrow.
    Many blessings to both of you.
    With love,

  6. So relieved to hear Jon doing well and looking forward to his homecoming! I’m sure it was a rather trying day for you…… but you certainly made positive use of your energy! Thinking good thoughts for him and for you
    Susan M

  7. Thank you for the update…when you read someone’s blog for …15 years ?? You worry..

    Take care of yourself too!

  8. Thank you for this update. Just as you felt better hearing Jon’s voice, I was comforted reading your update. I hope tomorrow goes smoothly. Sending love and healing vibes to you both.

  9. Wonderful news Maria! Thanks be to God and the doctor’s and nurses care ❤ of Jon. I am sure you can let that deep sigh out now. I hope you will be able to rest well tonight kind lady. Many thanks for letting us know how things went.

  10. Thanks for the update, Maria. I can appreciate the distortion of time when you’re under stress. Love the quilt and it’s backing! Bev

  11. Thank you for letting us know! Hoping he won’t need another surgery but it appears he is in good hands. Blessings and healing to both of you!

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