Baby Mice Gone Missing

Minnie and Flo keeping warm this morning

The baby mice are gone.  Last night when I came home from Bellydancing I looked in the little box I put them in and they weren’t there or anyplace that I could see in my studio.

This morning there’s no sign of mice.

No dropping anywhere.  But I am going to have a look through my selves just to be sure.  I have a feeling they’re in the wall, which is fine with me.

If I do find I have a family of mice living in my studio, I’ll get some Have-a-Heart traps and try to catch them that way.

The cats leave the stomachs of mice on the doorstep all the time, and I have no problem with that.  It’s one of the reasons we have the cats to keep the rodent population under control.  And in the house, I have no problem putting out traps (or I should say Jon puts them out).

I don’t want mice in the kitchen.

But I felt different about those little baby mice in my studio yesterday.  They were so vulnerable, so defenseless.  I know it doesn’t make sense, but feelings often aren’t rational.

If my studio was overrun with mice I know I’d feel different.  But it isn’t so yesterday my feeling won out.

6 thoughts on “Baby Mice Gone Missing

  1. Your story of the mice and the mother coming back for them reminded me of a YouTube channel I have become hooked on during COVID. It’s Gates Wildlife Control. A company that is called when wildlife makes itself at home in human structures makes videos of their very humane removal of the critters. I’m impressed again and again by their understanding of the different species they encounter. For example, mother squirrels cannot tell their babies’ cries from any other squirrel babies so they have to investigate whenever they hear distressed baby squirrels. Interesting, right?

    1. I love this Trish. What a thoughtful and compassionate way to get rid of “pests” in our homes. To actually learn about them so we know how to keep them from coming back. Thanks!

  2. We have the humane traps as well so when I find a mouse I take it way out in the back of the yard in what I think is a nice clump of trees but I swear I think some of them get back in the house before I do. I recognize the sparkles in their eyes!

    1. I bet they do come right back Christine! They are very smart, I’ll have to take them very far away, but then they’ll probably just find someone elses house to live in.

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