Butting Heads

The twins, Asher and Issachar were butting heads this afternoon.

In the wild, Rams do this when ewes are in heat, to determine which male will mate with them. But Asher and Issachar are both wethers, castrated male sheep. For them, it’s a show of dominance.

(I won’t be picking up my wool this weekend, but hopefully next Sunday.)

9 thoughts on “Butting Heads

  1. Maria,
    I meant to send this poem when you wrote about your newest (and very beautiful) moth quilt. Thought you might smile with White Moths by Jacqueline Suskin, ‘The Edge of the Continent -Vol 1–The Forest’

    I like it
    when a small
    white moth
    gets trapped
    behind my glasses,
    for a moment
    so close to my eye.
    A glimpse of a ghost?
    A pale dot in the dark.
    Dainty pilgrims
    amazed by fire,
    I too watch the candle
    burn each night,
    but don’t need to touch
    the flame to know it well.

  2. The difference in how they hold their bodies taut before ramming and how sheep hold themselves regularly is fascinating. They remind me of Bighorn sheep high on the cliffs. Quite majestic.

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